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About us

apana (Sanskrit: store, shop, trade) shall be the frontrunner in the future of Indonesian e-commerce.


Along with its rapid internet growth, one of the strongest trends developing in Indonesia nowadays is online shopping. We see tons of Indonesian online stores whether it’s by individuals or local and foreign companies. However, we feel that the technology and service that these stores are using are outdated and can be taken to next step.

That’s where we come in, we are aiming to be the most advanced online store in Indonesia by providing customers with a powerful, fluid and convenient interface, supported by apps for various devices. We believe that by providing users with an even easier access, it will result in sales performance boost.

About apana


Advanced systems, database and technology combined with a responsive user interface


A wide coverage of products and services whether it’s cloths, gadgets, food and beverages, phone accesories, event & wedding organizer, you name it, we provide it.


Supported by a commitment to provide a reliable before and after sales towards customers.


Our Key of Success


Create an elaborate design based on the consumer’s needs and the latest trends and technologies


Executed with punctuality and flexibility to always be updated according to future trends


Vast, extensive but efficient marketing by utilizing both traditional marketing tools and social medias